Documentation Team - 2019 Report

Documentation Team - 2019 Report Documentation Team - 2019 Report

The most activities on JDocs in 2019 was to prepare the release of J4 and J3.10 - both will be released at the same time. It comes with different problems, like different help pages for each main version.

The work on the help pages is still in progress. 

In the team leadership there was a change during the year. Sandra Decoux resigned and I was elected as the new team leader.

In the community we made different JDoc sprints, organized by JUGs in different countries. Thanks to this help we made more than 1500 edits at the JDocs. In October the Pizza Bugs and Fun event around the globe was a big success. We won new editors and made over 2.000 JDoc edits and translations during 24 hours. We prepared a lot of pages for J4 during the event.

The other activities of the team were to manage the documents for the CMS releases and the preparation for J4. We prepared some tutorials and docs since the J4 alpha was released.

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