By Sebastien Lapoux on 2020-05-12 09:45 in Showcase Directory Team

  • Stats APRIL: 9 new sites approved
  • Keep up to date site items -> the tool is required Docker. We contacted the leader of to get an instance dedicated SIWECOS but this team is no more. We contacted, waiting a feedback
  • Fixed square format ads issue (thanks Wilco!)
  • Following New Cookie banner implementation (to respect GDPR) (started 1 year ago)
  • Clean up of email notification recipients to avoid email error on server side
  • Clean up of languages not used
  • Clean up of extensions (thanks Wilco!)
  • Deleted specific modal box login to come back to standard Joomla login view and avoid specific extension
  • New SMTP setup on Joomla configuration
  • Enable 2 factor authentification for content managers
  • Enable 2 factor authentification for registered users
  • Feedback on "Joomla Backup Configuration" Policy: issue about encrypted archive, test done
  • Changed the rule "How to request my country listed into Featured Countries menu?" by adding "for more than one company" into "Your country must have at least 20 sites, for more than one company" . See It's to avoid to have only one company making all sites of one country and so to bring too much visibility to this company in regards of others.
  • Following SSO topic

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