By Todd Woodward on 2020-12-11 23:28 in Educational Outreach


Attendees: Laura Gordon (EST), Chris Keen (Europe Amsterdam UTC +1), Todd Woodward (EST), AK Shehu (Dubai), SD Williams (CST) 

Apologies: all core members present


Contact with non-active members:


Joomla Community Magazine

  • AK’s article, When the Covid-19 couldn’t stop Students, Joomla triumph in the Arab nation of Oman, submitted for November will be published

  • SD’s article, Entice, Engage, and Educate in 2021, will be published for Jan 2021

  • Laura possibly for February 14th submission


2021 Working Group Goals

  • Implement a Hub of Shared Training Materials for those who want to teach Joomla 

  • Share both within and outside of our community the existence, purpose, and use of the Hub


January Meeting Thoughts

  • Structure and organization of the resources and tools to include in the hub

  • Determination of the types of materials

  • Alert other ‘joomla members’ that this area exists?

  • Information Architecture and Content Strategy for

  • Think about having meetings earlier in the day to open up opportunities for folks in Australia to participate.


Next Meeting


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