Marketing Communications DC Replacement - Recommendations

I know Phil from the Production Department in his role as CMS Release Team Lead and met him once in person. He is a very nice guy, friendly and one you can count off. He made the CMS Release Team to a very good working team. I have no doubts that he will be a very good DC for Marketing. - Robert Deutz

Since May 2019 I was enjoying Phil's team lead in the CMS Release Team. Later he asked me if I would be his assistant and eventually I took over from him when he decided to go for GSoC. He was always supporting a positive atmosphere in communication and teamwork. What I really appreciate is that he has a vision for Marketing and Joomla 4. I think Phil will make a great Marketing Department Coordinator and I absolutely recommend to vote for him. - Sigrid Gramlinger

Because since I've been in my Joomla 4 position I haven't seen anyone with so much energy and seriousness to take this forward. I see that you can be the leader we need for this position. - Josean Telleria

I have known Philip for many years, he has demonstrated over that time a long commitment to Joomla. He was the driving force behind the creation of the Joomla London User Group and his continued dedication to that has brought many more people to Joomla over the years. He has a wealth of experience and has clearly demonstrated his effectiveness across a number of teams. I have no hesitation in recommending him for a board role where his experience and expertise will be both welcomed and valuable. - Hugh Douglas-Smith 

Over the past year, I've worked closely with and have gotten to know Philip well through multiple activities in the community, and wholeheartedly recommend Philip as a candidate for this election. Throughout the year, Philip has repeatedly demonstrated a passion for Joomla by being involved in the CMS Release Team, Production Department, Bugs & Fun @ Home, Pizza Bugs & Fun, Google Summer of Code, Volunteer Engagement Team and the Events team. In every role, Philip's been a strong communicator, often driving the activities within the teams, motivating others to get more involved, or providing a measured and considered response to addressing problems. Nominating for the M&C DC position was not something he's done hastily by Philip. I believe he will fill the role well, providing strong leadership and team management to the department. Working with departmental teams Philip will be looking to build an exciting strategy for promoting Joomla.I look forward to working with Philip, the Marketing & Communications Department and the Volunteer Engagement Team to achieve that strategy, with an aim to reengaging with past Joomla marketing volunteers as well as recruiting new ones to create an active and vibrant team promoting Joomla into the future. - Patrick Jackson

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