By Eyvaz Ahmadzada on 2021-06-13 05:27 in GSoC 21 Media Manager Filter


  • Implement generateMultipleSizes function. Refactored the generateThumbs function and its tests for creating generateMultipleSizes function which generates different sized versions of a given image on the fly once a user completes all operations on the image in content editors and the “Save” button gets clicked. Newly generated images are being stored in a specific folder.
  • Implement createMultipleSizes function. Refactored the createThumbs function and its tests for creating createMultipleSizes function which takes different sizes of an image to be generated as a parameter and calls generateMultipleSizes function on them. Once the images are generated, this function stores them in the "responsive" directory of the folder where the original image is stored.
  • Generate responsive images on first use.  Added the functionality that generates responsive images in first use. Images are generated whenever they get used for the first time and then updated if needed. In the article edit page, the "Save" button triggers the createMultipleSizes function on the inserted, intro, and full article images.

Pull request of the week: Media Manager: Week 1

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