Joomla Group 2 Elections - Results and Recommendations

Over the past two years, I've come to know Benjamin well through involvement in many aspects of the Joomla Community. His enthusiasm for the project, in depth knowledge of Joomla, and experienced developer skill set are all critical factors that make him an ideal candidate for Production Department Coordinator.In his manifesto, his aim to focus on "Bringing Joomla! forward" is a mindset I'm looking forward to seeing the board, community and wider user base deliver. I feel that Benjamin, along with other candidates for the board this election, can work together on this mindset and take Joomla forward. - Patrick Jackson

The times i have interacted with Benjamin, he has been very resourceful and available to help whenever need arises. I like his coordinating abilities beyond his boundaries and the patience/support he has towards individuals of different abilities. Such great efforts are what the organization requires to keep the Joomla community engaged and working together. I therefore look forward to more fun and community engagements if he is elected.I do recommend Benjamin. Thank you. - Justine Ayebale Abunyanga

Benjamin is a very dedicated Joomla developer and with the events organised in the past, he showed his talent for steering people and defining reasonable goals. At the same time, he hasn't taken part in any of the JDrama we had over the years. I consider him a very good fit for the job. - Hannes Papenberg

Joomla require passionate and committed volunteers to strive! Ever since I have known Benjamin, he has been consistent in his passion for the success of Joomla in all aspects. His contributions have indeed significantly added to the success of the Joomla Project, and his traces are visible for everyone to see. As a result, I strongly feel he is the appropriate person for the post, because I believe in his skill, leadership, coordination and most importantly the passion he has for the Joomla project. - Abdulkadir

Benjamin is a person who is very good in bringing people in and helping them to be successful. He has a deep knowledge of Joomla! what good, but he has something we really need at this point, he is good in building teams. He is always open to ideas and I am sure he will make the production department more professional and effective. - Robert Deutz

I don't know anyone more qualified to be a leader / DC than Benjamin. He knows a lot about leadership and Joomla, he knows how to motivate people, and he enjoys teaching. I sincerely hope he is elected to this position! - Elisa

I met Benjamin when I started with Joomla, about 9 years ago. Since then, we shared Joomladays, a Joomla User Group, different Joomla teams, several GSoC projects.Benjamin has deep insight in the joomla core and is dediaced to software quality.He knows how to lead teams and projects and people. I am convinced that he is ideally suited for the role of coordinator. He has proven in numerous teams that he can inspire and drive people, that he has vision and that he can communicate it. His successful work as a release lead for Joomla 4.1 is proof of his determined and structured approach to his goals. - Christiane Maier-Stadtherr

Benjamin is one of the Joomla Icebergs, doing a huge amount in the background which you don't see.He is the reason lots of teams have restarted and reformed. He has encouraged and nurtured people to stand and take on the job and then he leaves quietly.Benjamin has put in a huge amount of time helping the GSoC students, nurturing them to bring out the best and with an eye on making sure what they achieve can go into the core of Joomla and help make Joomla a success.With Joomla 4.1 he has taken on the role of the release lead and done it well. Working alongside him at the releases its been a well organised process.I think this proven attitude to bring the best to Joomla, to do the work needed in the background without attention or reward, a doer and achiever makes him an ideal candidate for Production. Who has a better knowledge of J4.1 than its release lead and as the development moves to a new team of release leads Benjamin will be perfectly placed to take the production department forward and make it a success. I know if Joomla has him as Production DC the project is in a great place. - Philip Walton

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