By Shirielle (SD) Williams on 2022-12-20 11:00 in Events Team

Present: SD, Lou Hawkins (LH), Viviana Menzel (VM), Todd Woodward (TW) and Patrick Jackson (PJ)Apologies: Phillip Walton 

Mattermost: SD asked if all team members were on Mattermost. 

In the transition from Glip to Mattermost, all links and leads have been captured; however, SD will do a final check before losing access to Glip.

An Events Team board has been created to track tasks.

Publishing Notifications and Events:

LH said marketing could help liaise with the social media team for promotion.

TASK: How can the events team help? What can we do that we haven’t done previously? What can we do better?

Feedback Task:

What should the events team look like in 2023? What should we be doing? It must be made clear that we don’t organize events, but we will assist every step of the way with Tip Sheets, Links on how to request funds etc... Send any ideas by email to SD or post on Mattermost.


The next Meeting is scheduled for January 20th 2023, at 7am (Chicago Time) or 1pm UTC.

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