Joomla Group 2 Elections - President Recommendations 2023

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Crystal was running for president of Open Source Matters. Over the last few years, I’ve come to know her as a very open and friendly kind of person who is passionate about Joomla. She’s creative and smart and has great communication skills. One of her most important skills, if you ask me: she listens. For leadership, that is the equivalent of gold. The main idea of her manifesto, to make Joomla proactive rather than reactive, appeals to me. Of course, for a change like that to happen, you need all of us to cooperate. You can not do this on your own. And that is where her social skills come in. I truly believe that with the right people around her, Crystal may be capable to make us all move in the right direction, which is, obviously, the one that leads to a bright future. - Anja de Crom

Although I have not worked much with Crystal, any team or issue we have worked together on have seen full commitment and a passion to get the job done.Crystal is also a likable and warm person, very polite and courteous, thinking of the affect that things can have on others so would be a really good choice for helping to bring cohesion and warmth into the workings of teams and with other colleagues.If Crystal is elected I will look forward to our working together and be as supportive as I can. - Philip Walton

I want to recommend Crystal as a candidate for the position of the President. She is professional with a unique combination of technical knowledge and an unwavering focus on UX. Her passion for delivering user-focused solutions is evident in all of her work, and she brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table.In addition to her technical skills, Crystal is a true people person. She takes the time to understand the needs and perspectives of others, and she always strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment. When she is leading a team or working 1:1 with others, she consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to her colleagues and to the community as a whole.Crystal inspires others as a speaker, and her messages are always thought-provoking and insightful. Her ability to communicate effectively is essential for a leader in the open-source community, and she has already proven that she has what it takes to effectively represent our community on the global stage.As a president of OSM Crystal would be a true symbol of power and strength. She is a role model for all women in technology, and she represents the very best of what it means to be a leader in the open-source community. I wholeheartedly endorse Crystal as the next President of OSM. I have no doubt that she has the skills, experience, and vision to lead us to even greater heights, and I am confident that she will do an outstanding job. - Elisa Foltyn

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