Attendees: Anja de Crom, Sandra Decoux, Patrick Jackson, Hans van der Meer, Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil

Discussion outline

  • May issue published on time: thanks to the whole team for the work done.
  • June issue planning started.
  • Review of monthly stats: budget requested for next term for running a promotion to increase the magazine's awareness.
  • Font sizes...

In May the team met twice to discuss the current issues and status of the JCP projects.


Attendees:Chris Keen (TL), Jeroen Moolenschot

Absent with apologies: Luca MarzoGuest: Jaz Parkyn (Dept. Co-ordinator) - not present

General points

The team discussed the following topics (documents / proposals)



Marketing Communications DC Replacement Election Results

We are happy to announce that the election of the Marketing & Communications Department Coordinator replacement has been completed.

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Participants: Wilco Alsemgeest (Director), Jaz Parkyn (JED ATL), Andrea Gentil (JCM TL), Llewellyn van der Merwe (JED TL) , Olaf Offick (Forum TL), Sander Potjer (JVP TL), Roland Dalmulder (JVP ATL), Sebastien Lapoux (Showcase TL)

Department Coordinator:

  • New fiscal year starts July 2021, we need to define our department budget.
  • Board reports:https://v...