Date: 31st October – 6th November

Hi, this is the progress report for the project which is currently part of GSoC 2022.

Tasks completed this week:

  • Created a plugin for Person Schema type
  • Added option for Allowed/Forbidden context in all plugins...

Scheduled duration: 90min



In Attendance: Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Lead), Peter Martin (Assistant Team Lead), Angie Radke, Mark Fleeson, Benjamin Trenkle, Harald Leithner (5.0 Release manager), Olivier Buisard (4.3 release manager)

Absent: Milosz Wojaczek, Elisa Foltyn, Niels Braczek (Architecture Liaison), Shirielle...

Production Dept. Meeting MINUTES - October  18, 2022

Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Department Coordinator), David Jardin (Team Leader), Mike Brandner (Team Leader), Olivier Buisard (Release Manager 4.3), Franciska Perisa (Release Lead 4.2), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Leader), Llewellyn van der Merwe...

Attendees:    Todd Woodward, SD Williams 

  • Reviewed the pages that need content updates on the community portal identifying areas that cross the JUG and Events team.

  • Events Team Charter and Organizing a JoomlaDay Event page are to be updated by the end of the year.

Next Meeting:   Friday, November 18, 2022 at 7:00 AM Central /...

Attendees:  Luca Marzo, Phil Walton, Anja de Crom, Hans van der Meer, Luca Marzo, Sandra Decoux

What did we talk about

  • November issue:the issue plan looks good. We have a good number of articles in the planning with diverse topics by team members as well as various authors.

As always the meeting was slightly chaotic but overall really good :)