President Replacement Elections - Nominee Announcement

We are happy to announce that the nominations for the President replacement role have been finalised. The following individuals have proposed their nominations, according to the new Nomination process. Included are their Manifestos and the timeline for the election for their role.

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Date: 12 July 2021 - 18 July 2021

Location: Glip

Hi, this is the progress report for the cookie manager project which is currently

SOC 2021: Cronjobs - Week 3

Tasks Completed

  • Implement Part of the Plugin API: Before starting work on the SelectView, the first problem was how com_cronjobs should become aware of jobs offered by plugins. The solution was the Joomla! Event architecture. com_cronjobs now makes use of the OnCronOptionsList Event to allow plugins to advertise the jobs or routines they...
  • Stats May: 21 sites submitted, 8 approved, 9 rejected, 4 corrections requested, 2 contacts, 0 reports
  • New template in progress
  • Enable 2 factor authentification for registered users -> planned
  • Working on implementation of the new rule to accept only httpS site
  • Following New Cookie banner implementation (to respect GDPR) (started 1 year ago), SSO...