The Events Team meeting was held as part of the Events Department meeting. Please see the Events Department Meeting July 10, 2021 report for further details.

Events Team Update

Benjamin Trenkle has left the team. We appreciate all of the work that he has done. He is heavily involved in other areas of the community and is certain our paths...

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Patrick Jackson, Wilco Alsemgeest, Todd Woodward

Apologies: Shirielle Williams


  • Dept 

    • Jaz shared an update on the budget requests that were approved for the new fiscal year.
    • After two and half years of holding the Programs DC position, Jaz informed the department that she has decided to step down from...

Tasks accomplished:

  • Add a new option to override default image sizes. A new "Content - Responsive Images" plugin option was added which ensures that it's possible to customize the default responsive image sizes. Newly specified sizes apply to all the images in the web content.
  • Add a new option to set different size options for form images. ...
SOC 2021: Cronjobs - Week 1 and 2

Tasks Completed

  • Design database tables: While still due changes as the outlook for the component, including the plugin API and triggers, become clearer and more refined, a rough functional database structure was one of the first things implemented as the development process began. Since then it has received 3 updates, the latest of which was as...

Attendees: Shirielle D. Williams, Philip Walton, Laura Gordon, Patrick Jackson, Todd Woodward, AK Shehu, 

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